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  • Weight Loss Diets – A Review Of 4 Unique Diets

    There are a number of diets available, but here I review four that are particularly unique.   1000 Calorie Diet Trying the 1000 calorie diet is only advisable for one week, due to your body entering starvation mode and conserving fat. Overdoing the 1000 calorie diet is counterproductive to your body so try to stay […]

  • Weight Loss, Fitness Motivation & Your Subconscious Pictures

    I will explain how to replace your negative subconscious images with positive images through the practice of controlled visualization. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, visualizing is the fourth most frequently used form of alternative healing. You are now about to learn how to change the existing subconscious pictures that keep you anchored […]

  • Weight Loss Tips – Live a Healthy Lifestyle

    Obesity is one of the biggest problems faced by millions of people in America. This has resulted in a big weight loss corporate industry in the country like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and many others. Although there are good programs, I feel people can themselves do quite a bit to reduce their weight. The two […]

  • Yoga for Weight Loss (part 2)

    Welcome back, folks. Okay, let’s cut right to the chase about how Yoga for weight loss works. We’ve gone over the sun salutations and if you are anything like me, you probably tried them out and are sold on Yoga ‘the stretching’ exercise actually burning calories. Now let’s target the trouble spots. Poses for Trouble […]

  • Move, Move, Move for Greater Weight Loss

    Incidental activity is very important in the process of losing weight as you can burn more calories than relying on dietary means alone. Fat is burned from the body when cells oxidize to release energy in the form of exercise or movement. When the exercise is done slowly to moderately then the majority of energy […]

  • Weight Loss At Work: Non-Food Rewards

    The email comes out at noon. “To celebrate your hard work this week, there is cake and ice cream in the big kitchen at 3 today. Be there!” The universal reward for hard work always seems to be food: cake and ice cream, a catered lunch for in-service training sessions, pizza for the overtime crew, […]

  • Sushi Is Your Friend When Losing Weight

    If you’re not making sushi at home you’re missing out on a delicious and extremely diet-friendly meal. It’s easy to make, fast, and nutritious, and the raw fish you’re afraid of is completely optional. First, let’s have a brief overview of sushi for those who’ve never had it or those who have tried it but […]

  • What Is The Atkins Diet?

    The Atkins weight loss diet is based on one simple principle: Your body burns both carbohydrates and fat for calories. If you reduce the amounts of carbohydrates available, it will burn fatter and you will lose weight. According to Atkins, calories are unimportant. The key to losing weight is to restrict the carbohydrates that you […]

  • Lose Weight With A Balanced Vegetarian Diet

    When it comes to healthy weight loss, one of the secrets of success is to eat a balanced diet. Balance here means eating the right amount of nutritious food. In our fast food, take-out world, it is easy to get the quantities wrong and also miss out on the quality as well. So eat when […]

  • Weight Loss Instructions

    Obesity is a growing concern in today’s world. By following the given weight loss instructions you can lose weight and maintain a steady weight throughout. Chinese diet tea With the intake of Chinese diet tea, one can reduce weight and can live slim and trim. Chinese diet tea causes rapid and substantial weight loss. Chinese […]