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  • Mind Over Matter: Key Strategies for Weight Loss Success

    Katie, a 33-year-old mother of two, has been on her share of diets over the years. From Weight Watchers to the Zone to Sugar Busters, she feels as if she has tried them all. While she has had moderate success in losing weight from time to time, she has never found a long-term weight loss […]

  • Weight Loss, Body Detox And Anti Aging Are All Connected

    The majority of people that try various diets and exercise to lose weight fail. Why? Because they are missing out on the most important reason that they can’t lose the weight or how to prevent the diet yoyo. The standard line you get is that you need to diet and exercise to get results, and […]

  • Losing Weight Is All About What You Gain

    Many people have thought about losing weight over the years, but often seem to fall short of an actual attempt to do it. The reason why so many people think about it so much is that deep down, they know that having that extra poundage is not at all good for them. The problem is, […]

  • Miracle Weight Loss Supplements – Your Partner In Weight Loss?

    Overweight and obesity are very common these days and people try to attempt several methods to lose excess and unwanted weight. Being overweight not only changes the way you look but also comes with the possibility of health risks. Therefore overweight persons have to take up one method or the other to lose the excess […]

  • Weight Loss Motivation Guidelines

    Introduction If there is one thing that all dietitians and obesity experts agree on, it is that personal motivation is the foundation of all weight loss success. No matter how healthy the diet-plan, is or what combination of calories and nutrition it contains, it won’t help anyone lose weight unless they follow it for long […]

  • The Top 10 Healthy Eating Habits

    In a nutshell, a healthy diet involves: (1) More home-cooked food, less eating out. (2) More fresh fruit as snacks. (3) More fresh vegetables as snacks and with meals. (4) More beans as sides or in stews. (5) More dense chewy bread, less refined white bread, and bread snacks. (6) More fish, skinless chicken/turkey, less […]

  • Weight Loss Or Fat Loss?

    Some people used the term “weight loss” while others call it “fat loss” whilst many use the terms weight loss and fat loss interchangeably. Do they mean the same thing? To many people, they do mean the same thing. But the terms may be entirely different in meaning. You must know the difference if you […]

  • Weight Loss With The Help Of Green Tea

    Weight Loss – Green Tea Benefit Over the past few years, green tea and its connection with weight loss have long been the center of various clinical studies. Positive effects of green tea on weight loss have been discovered in recent years. Studies show that the relationship between green tea and weight loss is substantially […]

  • Oatmeal – The Most Powerful Breakfast for Weight Loss

    Did you know that simply eating breakfast raises your metabolism by 10 percent? Oatmeal is one of the most powerful breakfast foods of them all. If you are looking to get your body in great shape, you should incorporate this as a staple food in your diet. Oatmeal is the perfect meal to start your […]

  • Weight Loss Supplements – Buying Tips

    Americans spend $50 billion every year on weight-loss programs and diet pills. Unfortunately, 22% of this goes to fake weight loss products. More and more people are facing the problem of obesity and a lot of them are resorting to weight loss supplements. While some people have benefited from these supplements, there are still a […]